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The William Lasio Wines winery, was founded in 2018, in Villasor, a small town in the Campidano region of Campidano and a little-known area in southern Sardinia, where indigenous grape varieties are excellently expressed.

The characteristic that makes William Lasio's wines interesting lies in the type of soil where the vineyards dwell: they are characterized by the predominance of sand, pebbles, silt and clay to a lesser extent. Peculiarities that bring fragrance, structure and minerality, decisively representing the terroir in the wine.

William Lasio's Vermentino and Cannonau.

Vermentino grapes have large berries and are able to adapt to poor soil such as sandy soil. The color is green-yellow, managing to maintain this hue due to the white pebbles reflecting sunlight.

Cannonau is characterized by medium to small berries, in this case the poor soil contributes to the concentration of 'berry due to water stress, the color is purplish. The foliage is managed in such a way as to make the coloring as vibrant as possible

The processing

The grapes are harvested by hand, placed inside special crates and then transported to the nearby winery on my property.a I follow traditional methods of destemming, pressing and fulling, all strictly by hand. Fermentations are conducted at controlled temperatures in small containers. I personally follow all stages, up to the 'bottling of the wines.

The William Lasio Wines winery currently produces a red wine, Umbrosu from Cannonau di Sardegna grapes, and Clarosu, a white wine from Vermentino di Sardegna grapes.

Foundation year


Area planted with vines

3.5 hectares

Bottles produced

2000 bottles

Main grape varieties


Mappa Sardegna
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William Lasio Wines - Villasor


  • Where we are: Via Alagon, 209034 Villasor (SU) - Sardinia
  • Wines entered: 2
  • Grape varieties grown: Vermentino, Cannonau, Cabernet Sauvignon, Carignano and Sangiovese
  • Enologist: Thomas Schirru

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