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Etzo Winery was founded in 2019 in Aztara (Nuoro), a town located in the heart of Sardinia, in the historical subregion of Mandrolisai, in the same year the first grape harvest was held.

The Etzo Winery currently has only one reference on the market, a Mandrolisai DOC red from Bovale Sardo, Monica and Cannonau grapes.

The project includes, in the short term, the production of a Mandrolisai DOC Rosso Superiore, an Isola dei Nuraghi IGT and a Moscato di Sardegna.

The vineyards are run organically and the form of cultivation is Sardinian sapling.

These vineyards are located within the area enrolled in the National Register of Historic Rural Landscapes and named "Polycultural Landscape: The Mandrolisai Vineyards of Atzara and Sorgono." It is the only registered landscape in Sardinia, while throughout Italy there are about 20.

This wine-growing area is located in the northern part of the municipality of Atzara and encroaches into the municipal territory of Sorgono, covering about 1324 ha.

The significance of the area lies in the historical persistence of ancient viticulture that has resulted in a landscape characterized by small-scale vineyards.

The traditional viticultural system consists of small, dry-cultivated vineyards, the vast majority of which, about 80 percent, are bush-trained, while the remainder are low espaliers.

Un vigneto di circa 00.80.00 ha, impiantato nel 1950 è iscritto all’albo comunale dei vigneti storici del Mandrolisai.

Foundation year


Area planted with vines

6 hectares

Bottles produced

Up to 10000 bottles

Main grape varieties

Bovale sardo (Muristeddu)

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Etzo Winery - Atzara


  • Where we are: Via Vittorio Emanuele 93/A - 08030 - Atzara (NU)
  • Wines entered: 1
  • Grape varieties grown: Bovale sardo, Cannonau, Monica

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