Mode Wines

The history of Mode Wines is rooted in the mid-19th century thanks to the labors of Giovannino Denti and his son Nicolino; their wisdom and traditions have been passed down from successive generations to the present day.

The Vini Mode winery was renovated in the late 1970s, creating a single area of four hectares under vine.

The essence of the place has been preserved over time; the trees, earth and wind call to mind a bygone era. With the same tenacity and commitment, we have carried the company forward on the foundation left by our ancestors.

The vineyard lies on a hillside facing the sea, caressed by the salty breezes of the mistral winds in a land that has always had a vocation for viticulture.

A unique location that allows you to admire the vineyards that drop towards the valley to the sea of the Gulf of Asinara.

In the territory of Romangia, typical grapes of the area are grown such as Cannonau, Cagnulari, Monica and Barbera Sardo for those with black berries. Vermentino and Moscato for those with white berries.

All processing in the vineyard is done strictly by hand, and the grapes are harvested from mid-August until the last days of September. The clusters are harvested and laid in boxes to be transported as quickly as possible to the old farmhouse for processing.

In cellars they undergo soft crushing and pressing to preserve aromas and fragrances.

The winemaking process is subject to strict temperature control at all stages, as is the aging of "SUR LIES," which lasts three to four weeks. Aging takes place in steel tanks for 12 months, followed by at least another 6 months in bottle.

The Vini Mode winery currently produces three wines, a Cannonau, a Cannonau Riserva and a Vermentino di Sardegna DOC.

Foundation year

Late 1970s

Area planted with vines

4 hectares

Bottles produced

4100 bottles

Main grape varieties


Mappa Sardegna
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Mode Wines - Sennori


  • Where we are: Sennori - Sardinia
  • Wines entered: 3
  • Grape varieties grown: Vermentino, Cannonau and Monica

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