Vignaioli Cadinu

Vignaioli Cadinu, a small family-owned winery, was established in Mamoiada in the historic region of "Barbagia di Ollolai" in Sardinia in June 2018 by two brothers, Pino Cadinu, a small local artisan, and Giovanni Cadinu, a young college graduate, both with a passion for viticulture passed down from his father in the family vineyard.

The vineyards are cultivated entirely in Cannonau: at 780 meters above sea level we find the vineyard "Su Tutturighe", at 700 meters above sea level the centenary vineyard of "Dighidilisi" finally always at 700 the vineyards of "Bakarru and "Fittiloghe" .

The environmental and morphological characteristics of these areas make them particularly suitable for the production of Cannonau grapes.

The training system used is the alberello system, and the vineyard is entirely organically managed.

Our wines evoke tradition in every way, from the manual cultivation of the vines, some still worked with oxen, to the winemaking in the cellar; even the chosen name "Martis Sero" refers back to the Mamoiada Carnival celebrations and the iconic figure of "Juvanne Martis Sero" who surely most of all symbolizes the ancestral bond between man and wine.

Why Winemakers? Because good wine is made in the vineyard!

Foundation year


Area planted with vines

3 hectares

Bottles produced

4000 bottles

Main grape varieties


Mappa Sardegna
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Vignaioli Cadinu - Mamoiada


  • Where we are: Via Arno, 11, 08024 Mamoiada (NU) - Sardinia
  • Wines entered: 3
  • Grape varieties grown: Cannonau and Granatza
  • Winemaker: Own production


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