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Isabelle and Jean-Paul Tréguer originally from Brittany in France, after a career as entrepreneurs in advertising in Paris, decided to move to Sardinia. Their rosé wine SO CHIC! was created as a result of a love affair with Villasimius, Castiadas and Costa Rei, jewels of the island's southeastern tip.

The white beaches, the turquoise sea, the unspoiled nature between mountains and seas, the welcome and kindness of the Sardinians, the delicious cuisine, the lush vines and the 300 days of sunshine a year convinced them to settle here permanently. With the help of the best Sardinian winemakers, they have created a wine unique to this idyllic area, allowing people to enjoy "La Dolce Vita in Rosa."

The wine was born and grows in the area of Castiadas and Costa Rei, ideally located a few steps from the sea and surrounded by hills, ideal conditions for the harmonious development of the grapes.

The history of the area is very ancient, with the presence of a large Nuragic complex, menhirs, domus de janas and tombs of the giants, confirming the area's frequentation since pre-Nuragic and Nuragic times. In addition, settlements in Punic and Roman times have been reported. Belonging to the "Sarrabus" territory, this area was also frequented by the Phoenicians. Unfortunately, in the late 1500s, due to frequent outbreaks of malaria and plague, this part of the island was totally abandoned.

It was thought that the Cannonau had been imported from Spain several hundred years ago, but excavations conducted in the 2002 in Borore, at the archaeological site of Duos Nuraghes, have revealed hundreds of ancient vine seeds, carbonized by time, dating from around 1200 B.C., or 3,200 years ago.

This discovery shows that Nuragic peoples cultivated vines and produced wine. It also made it possible to understand that "Cannonau Sardo," which until now was thought to have been imported from Spain, is of a different variety than the Iberian variety and may have originated in Sardinia and then exported to Spain, making it one of the oldest wines in the Mediterranean area.

The Cannonau di Sardegna DOC subzone Capo Ferrato appellation was created in 1972 and represents one of the most important wine-growing areas in the region. Cannonau di Sardegna Rosato has a bright pink color, a distinctive fruity and floral fragrance, and is tasty and dry on the palate.

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