Smeralda Estates

Tenute Smeralda in Donori, Sardinia, is a young agricultural company established as a continuation of the Cocco Francesca farm, which has been in the viticulture business for about 50 years.

We produce three lines of wines, one traditional line consisting of a Vermentino di Sardegna "Terramea" and a Cannonau di Sardegna "D'Onore" and a prestige line, destined for medium-high level restaurants and clubs, consisting of a Vermentino, "Smeralda," a Cannonau "Granadu" and "Rubinus" an IGT Isola dei Nuraghi (blend of Bovale, Barbera Sarda, Cannonau) aged in barriques.

The collection line is the latest, dedicated to the progenitors of the family business, is produced in limited numbers of bottles; the wines are: Sapienti, Isola dei nuraghi red and Austera, Isola dei nuraghi white.

The winery is located in Donori, Parteolla, which because of its microclimate has been well known for centuries as an area well suited to grape growing; the vineyards are located in two different areas, sandy/clayey and sandy/granite.

Work on the vines is done exclusively by hand, which ensures that we control each individual vine, control production quantities and reduce plant diseases.

The winery, which is nestled in the winery's picturesque vineyards, where there is also a green area used for reception and tasting, is structured to meticulously control every single winemaking operation up to bottling.

The equipment and facilities are modern, and together with hand-picked grapes within walking distance, ensure the production of excellent wines.

The brand and labels are characterized by their particular shape and the presence of a swaroski stone (emerald, ruby and garnet) hand-applied to each label of the prestige line wines, a sign not of wishful thinking but of the craftsmanship of the product-in fact, there is no labeling machine set up for such work.

The glass bottles used are the best in the market. For the prestige line we use bottles, again made of Etruscan glassware, 750 g; the bordolese liberty in white with double notch for Smeralda and the extra Storica for Rubinus and Granadu. These are particular bottles that they produce for us and a few other companies.

Production is limited, about 40/50000 bottles a year, but considering that we have been in the market for only a few years we have triple-digit growth levels.

We are also present in several foreign markets such as England, Switzerland, the U.S., and Belgium where we have been highly praised and won international awards.

Foundation year


Area planted with vines

8 hectares

Bottles produced

50000 to 100000

Main grape varieties

Cannonau e Vermentino

Mappa Sardegna
Logo Tenute Smeralda

Emerald Estates - Donori


  • Where we are: Loc. Giuanni Porcu - S.S 387 Km 28 - 09040 Donori (SU) - Sardinia
  • Wines entered: 4
  • Grape varieties grown: Syrah, Bovale Sardo, Cannonau, Vermentino and Semidano
  • Enologist: Daniele Manca


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