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Tenute Isola 'e Oro, was born in Villamassargia, a small town in southern Sardinia located in the picturesque sub-region of Sulcis-Iglesiente.

Tenute Isola 'e Oroproudly pays homage to beautiful Sardinia not only in its name but also in the company logo, which represents Sardinian filigree, the precious weave used to make the gold buttons of traditional Sardinian costumes, earrings and even the Sardinian wedding ring.

This symbol embodies the richness of our traditions and our dedication to creating high-quality products.

Sardinia, known as the Land of the Nuraghi, is the Isola 'e Oro, the island of gold, a motherland that abounds with precious products and ancient traditions. And it is from this very land that Red Myrtle Liqueur from Wild Berries 'Mirto e' Oro, one of the treasures of the Estates, was born.

Myrtle is an evergreen plant that grows wild in several Mediterranean regions, including Sardinia. loved for centuries for its aromatic and healing properties. Its berries are rich in essential oils and aromatic compounds that give the liquor its characteristic aroma and flavor.

Wildmyrtle berriesare carefully hand-picked according to traditions handed down from generation to generation. This process ensures that only the ripest and most fragrant berries are used to make Myrtle liqueur is Gold. The berries are then infused in selected alcohol for an optimal amount of time to extract their unique aromas and flavors.

The result is a red myrtle liqueur with a strong and complex personality that enchants the senses with its intense aroma and enveloping flavor. Each sip will take you on a journey through the wild and unspoiled lands of Sardinia, immersing you in the unique atmosphere of this extraordinary island.

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Mirto ‘e Oro – Myrtle liqueur from wild berries – Isola ‘e Oro Estates

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