La Sabbiosa Estate

La Sabbiosa Estate, was born in Calasetta facing the sea of Sardinia, among the dunes of Sant'Antioco Island, from the desire of Tessa Gelisio and Massimo Pusceddu to enhance a unique viticultural heritage.

Sant'Antioco can be considered "an island within an island" that until the 1980s was covered with tiny Carignano vineyards. Small plots of sapling vines, raised "like gardens" to the beaches, among the dunes and junipers, on sandy soils lashed year-round by the strong, salty mistral winds.

Vines that have always been free standing because this is one of the few areas in Europe where the terrible plague of phylloxera has not taken root, destroying centuries of human labor.

However, the island's great winemaking tradition has begun to disappear since the late 1980s, when low production yields began to clash with market logic. Thousands of unique monumental vines, a hundred years old and more, have thus been uprooted.

Indeed, since the dawn of time, the vineyards here have been worked and regenerated using ancient techniques to keep them alive for centuries.

Here and there, however, thanks to the passion and tenacity of the elders, small vineyard plots have survived, and from one of them the production of the wines "La Sabbiosa Estate" started. Over the years, other 100-year-old vineyards have been saved from extinction and added to the steadily growing property.

Thewinery's enoic intent has always been to return to the essence of the Carignano: "an exceptional wine because the plant from which it is derived has suffered thirst, heat, wind, and perhaps even a little hunger" he said. G. Tachis "a wine of low acidity and very high pH, rich in sweet, round, garrulous noble tannins that ages slowly and gently, as do the great sages."

This is why Tenuta la Sabbiosa, despite inevitably low yields, has resumed working the centuries-old vineyards of the area, to achieve with the traditional techniques and the best of modern knowledge, unique wines with aromas and flavors that can only be given by vineyards in free-foot growing near the sea on soils composed of 99 percent sand.

Soils that starve plants thirsty from the Sardinian sun and slapped by the mistral: "the plant that suffers slightly always gives a better wine" Emile Peynaud.

Deep passion and respect for nature inspire all the company's activities, which are distinguished by the very high level of environmental and social sustainability.

In the field we treat as in the past with sulfur and copper, fertilize manure, famino pull weeds manually, and use modern, sustainable organic farming practices.

The winery uses electricity from renewable sources, packaging with the lowest possible environmental impact, and the furniture was obtained from salvaged and recycled materials.

And also inspired by nature are the labels: numbered according to the birth of the wines, they follow the mathematical Fibonacci series as is the case in many natural forms, a series where each number is the sums of the previous numbers: 1, 1, 2, 3, ...

La Sabbiosa Estate - Calasetta


  • Where we are: Loc Case sparse, 09011 Calasetta (SU) - Sardinia
  • Wines entered: 3
  • Grape varieties grown: Carignano
  • Enologist: Antonio Manca

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