Sabresenò is an acronym for the names of 4 people, who as molecules in Brownian motion would hardly be likely to meet. But as in all good stories, it brought them closer together and pushed them to carry out an ambitious, fun and challenging project.

Two Romans and two Milanese, three men and a woman who did not know each other, a chat during a walk, a great passion in common, that for wine, led them to make a bottle, which speaks about them and knows how to amaze.

As in all good stories along the way new companions were added, those who tend the vineyard, those who help in the management of the company.

Unhurriedly, so the story of Sabresenò was born, this is because time is one of the main requirements for a quality product.

Thus was born Argeste, the first wine of this adventure, a white Vermentino di Gallura DOCG made from pure Vermentino grapes.

The production philosophy of Sabresenò

Low yields, guarantee the quality of the product characteristic that has earned the product the designation of Superior in the product specification.

Phytosanitary treatments are kept to a minimum, this is thanks to the warm, humid climate and mistral winds that give the Gallura hinterland.

In the vineyard, the main processes are carried out by hand, such as harvesting the bunches of grapes using crates, during the early morning hours in order to avoid spontaneous fermentation.

The Sabresenò Vineyard

The vineyard is located in Gallura, to be precise in the vicinity of Monti, a land that has always been devoted to viticulture ella production of the famous Vermentino di Gallura DOCG.

The land, on the slopes of the Limbara main mountain range of the region that characterizes the pedoclimate of the production area is surrounded by a cork oak forest.

A warm, low-humidity climate and mistral create a terroir unfavorable to the proliferation of mold and pests, thus making most phytosanitary treatments unnecessary and minimizing them.

"Zirichiltaggia" the vineyard caretaker works with expert hands, combining tradition and modern vine care techniques.

Foundation year


Area planted with vines

1 hectare

Bottles produced

Up to 10000 bottles

Main grape varieties


Sabresenò - Monti


  • Where we are: Località Azzanidò, 07020 Loiri Porto San Paolo
  • Wines entered: 1
  • Grape varieties grown: Vermentino
  • Enologist: Marianna Mura

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