Ruju Sardu

RujuSardu Winery was born out of a desire to pay homage to Cannonau, the Red Prince of Sardinian grape varieties. The resulting wine bears, in the generous Oliena area, the designation Nepente DOC, underscoring that Sardinian winemaking excellence gives, in a particularly suited area, a product with unmistakable characteristics.

RujuSardu, meaning Rosso Sardo, grows and produces only red grapes, deriving exclusively wines with character, confirming how this type of production best expresses the characteristics of the territory.

"With RujuSardu I chose to pay homage to my family's passion for the vineyard and wine, and in particular to the memory of my paternal grandfather Sebastiano "Pupusu" Pugioni, a jovial and welcoming man who loved de su vinu nigheddu (black wine, the way red wine is called in Oliena, so much in the past it was dark) and good drinking in company." Bastiano Pugioni.

RujuSardu produces two wines, both in small quantities: Pupusu Cannonau Nepente DOC from Oliena, and Sàmbene IGT Isola dei Nuraghi. Proudly red!

Pupusu is a Nepente DOC, the most forthright and direct form of what Cannonau represents for winemaking in Oliena. Its soft and distinctive aroma invites the sip, which has a warm and enveloping taste that is pleasantly persistent.v The best pairing? It doesn't matter what dishes you choose, as long as you drink it in company.

Pupusu means bow, the pet name my great-grandmother, my grandfather's mother, gave him at birth because he was "as beautiful as a little bow." This is a tribute to him, Sebastian Pupusu Pugioni, an elegant and jovial man, a lover of su vinu nigheddu and good drinking in company.

Sàmbene (blood in Barbagian Sardinian) is about innovation while respecting tradition. Warm and enveloping notes, fruity and assertive scents. Sàmbene reveals itself with every sip.

Sàmbene was born from the skillful combination of the most famous Sardinian grape variety and prestigious international grapes (Cabernet-Sauvignon and Syrah).

Vintages involve 650 very select bottles.

The Legend

War had been raging for years in ancient Barbagia, in the center of the island of Sardinia. The army of the King of the Illyrians was now on its knees, overwhelmed by the countless hordes of the Carthaginian invaders. The lookouts on the Great Nuraghe saw the invaders' messenger arrive who, upon entering the court, requested an audience with the king.

"My Emperor sends word that your kingdom is now his. If you would avoid being wiped out forever, hand over your crown to me in surrender and the blood of your firstborn son, the most valiant warrior in your army." The king retired to think. He gathered the three wise men and asked their opinion. The oldest of the three said, "Give him your crown and send him an amphora of our wine. Tell them that it is the 'Sàmbene' of your firstborn son and ask that the emperor take a sip of it to take his strength." The king was persuaded of the advice.

The emperor received the crown and immediately put it on. He received the amphora and opened it. He sank a capacious cup into it and drank what he thought was the warrior's blood. He was enraptured. It was not blood, but the intoxication of that nectar reached his heart and softened it. He had never tasted anything more delicious and enveloping, sensual and intoxicating.

He continued drinking and that night, as never before, his dreams were populated with joy and peace. The next day he had his horse saddled and went to the king, bringing an offer of peaceful coexistence but with a prayer that he might know the secret of that nectar. Since then, on those lands, "Sàmbene" has been a symbol of peace and friendship.

Foundation year


Area planted with vines

2 hectares

Bottles produced

Up to 5000

Main grape varieties


Mappa Sardegna
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Ruju Sardu - Oliena


  • Where we are: Oliena
  • Wines entered: 2
  • Grape varieties grown: Cannonau, Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah

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