Pure Sardinia

The Pure Sardinia company was founded by Flavio Porcu, a 50-year-old born and bred in Sardinia, a region that has seen him operate in the high-end food and wine sector for some 30 years.

Flavio in all the companies he has worked for has always tried to make his personal contribution to the realisation of products that are still best sellers even several years after their creation.

Working unhurriedly and without the eagerness for market numbers have always been his philosophy so that he could not be influenced in the creation of the products to be offered to consumers, which were always of the highest quality and with sophisticated and elegant packaging.

Pure Sardinia was born from this concept and this personal production philosophy, that is, to be able to make known to as many people as possible how much of the extraordinary can be obtained from the raw materials of this uncontaminated territory that goes by the name of Sardinia.

Sardinia, an island at centre of the Mediterranean that can enjoy 300 days of sunshine a year and where the winds such as the mistral combined with a low population density mean that nature is particularly generous on this island, nature that breeds uncontaminated raw materials from which the liqueurs, spirits, DOC and DOCG wines, and Pure Sardinia branded olive oil.

This is precisely why Flavio chose the name 'Pure' for the brand: because the products are of a superior quality, obtained naturally, without any kind of chemical modification or addition of flavours, and are characterised by unique aromas and flavours that cannot be replicated.

A path born of research and experimentation with the intention of proposing products that can increasingly satisfy lovers of unconventional, high quality production, both in the domestic and foreign markets.

Create products that arouse positive emotions and remain imprinted in the memory of those who taste them.

In each new product, the founder tries to identify with those who are going to enjoy it, to transmit his values, such as family, beautiful Sardinia and his own work experiences.

Gin, Vermouth, myrtle-based bitters, the myrtle itself, and Sardinian wines, all made with a preference for quality in order to win over the most discerning palates and lovers of the good and the right things.

Pure Sardinia


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