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The liquor factory "Orgosolo Liquors" was founded in 2012 in Orgosolo town of Sardinia located in the Barbagia region of Nuoro.

Orgosolo Liquors was founded by Piera Cadinu, who in addition to being the founder and owner is in charge of the entire production process, from gathering raw materials in the countryside to processing and customer relations.

A liquor factory established with considerable sacrifice in the town of Orgosolo, where there is also a small space dedicated to product tastings.

The goal of Orgosolo Liquors is to do business by paying special attention to the aspect, eco-sustainable by enhancing local resources, myrtle berries, wild fennel, arbutus, wild-growing helichrysum, saffron and lemon grown in Orgosolo in a completely organic form.

The labels take up the murals of the village, and aim to tell through them the history and vicissitudes that have affected life in Sardinia.

Myrtle liqueur accounts for 80 percent of production, followed by Helichrysum myrtle leaves and Fennel.

Foundation year


Hectares cultivated


Bottles produced

Up to 10000 bottles

Main raw material

Myrtle berries

Mappa Sardegna
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Orgosolo Liquors - Orgosolo


  • Where we are: Via E. Mattana, lot 6, 08027 Orgosolo NU - Sardinia
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