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Azienda agricola Orrù Patrizia: founded in 2011 by Patrizia Orrù, who took over part of another company founded back in 1985 and focused on the production of high quality seasonal products. He lays the foundations on the Sulcis Markets, sharing his experience with discerning consumers. It offers and still guarantees its seasonal products to the best restaurants in Sulcis, from Sant'Antioco to Iglesias.

The Locci's Domu project, initiated and curated by Ivan Locci, focuses entirely on viticulture, and revives family traditions and practices to safeguard the vines. In recent years, he has travelled 'the Carignano road' from Sulcis to France to identify and study philosophies and practices that are useful in the vineyard as well as in winemaking, to preserve the identity and continuity of the naturalness of the land on which he grows the family's grapes.

The first BACCAMORA bottle was a great success, confirmed afterwards at the Concours de Lyon. Vinified in spontaneous fermentation with the intention of enhancing the intrinsic qualities of carignano, it is presented as an experience, an invitation to approach the peculiarities of the territory with a love for tradition, with a focus on safeguarding Sardinian identity and an attentive eye on the future.


It originates from a vineyard planted around 1950 near Is Loccis Santus, tending and restoring it over the years using the traditional techniques once used by the farmers of those lands. The enormous effort put into the work in the vineyard, combined with carefully applied winemaking philosophies in the cellar, has resulted in a unique Carignano DOC. Baccamora is capable of enhancing the connection with the land and generating harmony thanks to the soils of this area.

One can imagine a fascinating journey through time, through six decades of growth and change in the land of Is Urigus.

This journey is narrated by a goblet of this Carignano wine, an authentic custodian of a history that has unfolded with tenacity through the soils of this locality that has always been devoted to viticulture.

Six decades ago, what would become today's vineyard began with the planting of small shoots. In those years, viticulture at Is Urigus was different, but even then there were signs of a growing passion for Carignano grapes. Over the seasons, the farmers who tilled the land fostered its growth, facing the challenges of the climate and learning from experience.

Time passed, and the vineyard went through years of prosperity and more difficult periods. Each season brought new lessons, and each year helped shape the character of the grapes. The roots dug deeper and deeper into the soil, absorbing its minerals and heritage.

Halfway through the 60-year journey, winegrowers embraced new techniques and approaches to cultivation. The art of marcottage made it possible to preserve the vitality and genetic characteristics of the vines that would otherwise have been lost.

This practice, also known as 'fundu croccau', now fallen into disuse in other wine regions, is only possible in soils such as these, once lapped by the sea, where phylloxera struggles to complete its cycle.

A gesture of guardianship of tradition that adds an important chapter to this story.

Even in winemaking, the choice was made to rely on indigenous yeasts, which have inhabited the grape skins of these lands for generations. The result is a wine that reflects not only the terroir but also the heritage handed down by the vine growers who have skilfully tended these vineyards for over 60 years.

Tasting this wine celebrates six decades of history, passion and progress. Each bottle is a tribute to the work and choices that have led Is Urigus to establish itself as an area renowned for its wines. Savouring the aromas and flavours of this Carignano takes one on an exciting journey through time, and toasts to the future of a tradition to be cherished.


Following the success of Baccamora, the company decided to celebrate 2023 with an experimental bottle. Minimal in all its forms, modern but at the same time not wanting to forget its roots and the traditional Sardinian spirit of sharing. Hence its name Cumpartia (Cumpartida: to share, to divide), a wine accessible to all that comes from the selection of grapes grown on the sand.

The company has taken on the arduous task of honouring and preserving the traditions handed down by past generations. The cultivation principles taught by the farmers of yesteryear have become the mantra to adhere to, and with passion and dedication, the vineyard has been restored to its original glory.

In the cellar, winemaking is an art guided by the skill and attention of expert winemakers.

The result of this commitment and dedication is the company's Carignano DOC, an authentic masterpiece that reflects the history of the territory and its roots.

The Cumpartia is a celebration of the deep connection with the earth. Its elegant, enveloping flavour nuances contrast beautifully with the acidity imparted by the grapes grown on the sands.

This wine is a hymn to harmony and affinity with nature, a sensory experience that recalls the roots of this tradition and the indelible relationship between past and present.

Foundation year

1984 taken over in 2011 by Patrizia Orrù

Area planted with vines

2 hectares

Bottles produced

up to 5,000 bottles

Main grape varieties


Mappa Sardegna
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Locci's Domu - San Giovanni Suergiu


  • Where we are: San Giovanni Suergiu (SU) - Sardinia
  • Wines entered: 2
  • Grape varieties cultivated: Carignano del Sulcis, Vermentino, Pascale, other table grapes

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