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The history of Liquorificio Pacini begins in Sardinia during the period of World War II, to be precise it was the year 1944, when founder Bruno Olinto Pacini began his adventure in the world of liquor.

After three generations, liqueurs and syrups continue to be produced in Liquorificio Pacini today in full respect of tradition and in the passion that distinguished the founders.

Pacini Liquor Factory corporate mission is to raise awareness of the Sardinian land through their liquors, promoting responsible alcohol consumption.

Sardinia, a very ancient island located in the center of the Mediterranean where Liquorificio Pacini has been operating for more than 70 years.

A crystal clear sea, sun-kissed coastlines pristine territories set in the roughness of the mountains and plants curved by the mistral give this land a unique character.

Pacini's liqueurs are the result of a careful selection of raw materials children of this rugged and wild island that gives excellence and heady scents to all their products.

The Pacini company is currently based in Elmas near Cagliari, where it produces the famous Myrtle liqueur, in two versions, the better known from red berries and the very rare Sardinian Myrtle liqueur from white berries, as well as quality bitters, creams and grappas.

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Pacini Liquor Factory - Elmas


  • Where we are: Sante Street, Cettolini Street, 32, 09030 Elmas CA
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