Animas Liquor Factory

Animas Liquor Factory is a young company from Siniscola small town located on the east coast of Sardinia, in the province of Nuoro, in the historical subregion of the Baronie.

The Bèrchida Farm is located not far from the amonimous beach, a small jewel formed by five kilometers of dunes of very soft white sand, bathed by a very clear sea and covered with ancient junipers, which with their branches form incredible natural huts.

Animas Liquor Factory has made a firm commitment to take care of its land and the fruits it gives and preserve their essence.

One of these fruits is the pompia an ancient and mysterious citrus fruit that has been recorded for at least three centuries and is one of the most distinctive of the typical plant species in the Siniscola area.

Pompia until 2015 was not yet recognized by the scientific community, being called by the designation "Citrus x Monstruosa." A local ecotype, developed within the island germplasm, and the most accepted hypothesis for now defines it as a hybrid developed by crossing cedar and lemon.

The pompia, cultivated in the territory of Siniscola, owes its survival to the fact that only in this municipality has this plant found use in the preparation of the country's most traditional sweets known as "sa Pompìa intrea" and "s'Aranzata."

It is currently grown in several municipalities in Baronia and Ogliastra but is only processed in the Siniscola area.

Tradition, therefore, has safeguarded and delivered to us this unique citrus fruit as a noble icon of our land.

The fruits of the pompia, to which we have dedicated our first liqueur, grow in the silence of nature in Bèrchida, in the extreme southern edge of the Alta Baronia territory.

What is certain is that the pompia is among the rarest citrus fruits in the whole world: until twenty years ago there were only a few hundred trees in the municipality of Siniscola.

From this unique fruit comes "S'anima de Pompia" a very rare Pompia liqueur made by Animas Liquor Factory.

Very recently, the Siniscola-based company has put on the market a second product, "Lampu 'e Fogu," a Juniper Liqueur that gives the taster all the scents of the Mediterranean bush.

Foundation year


Area planted with vines


Bottles produced

Up to 10000 bottles

Main raw material

Pompia (Citrus mostruosa)

Animas Liquor Factory - Siniscola


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