Istintosardo is a small artisanal liquor factory born in 2019 in Tortoli small town of just over 10,000 inhabitants in the historic region of Ogliastra in central eastern Sardinia.

Ogliastra is considered one of the most beautiful places in the world, an unspoiled region characterized by a stunning coastal landscape that offers incredible inlets, coves and beaches of the finest white sand, sheer cliffs and an incredible turquoise sea. A unique territory that blends with the wild mountainous hinterland.

A place where even today the tradition is passed down to the children as the most valuable asset, where the zero kilometer has always been the norm and every day's work produces wonderful products such as bread, oil, the famous Ogliastra wine appreciated all over the world, cheese and myrtle. This is why Ogliastra is called an island within an island.

In this ancient land, the Istintosardo Liquorificio in Tortolì has decided to process only zero-mile Myrtle. A choice of responsibility and sustainability.

That of myrtle is a culture as old as Sardinia, which is why Istintosardo has decided to produce its liqueurs without the addition of dyes of any kind.

Producing liqueurs "the way it used to be" this is Istintosardo's philosophy, following the right processing and maturation times this is because for the best things you have to have patience and respect for time.

A return to simplicity and seasonality of production, quality of raw materials as the cornerstone of the philosophy: less enlargement and maniacal attention to detail, enhancing each production vintage.

Liquorificio Ogliastrino Istintosardo in Tortolì currently produces three liqueurs; the first-born Ruju produced for the first time in 2019. This is a Sardinian myrtle liqueur made from red berries of wild myrtle.

The second is called Arbè, a very precious and unique White Myrtle Liqueur made from the rare wild white myrtle berries.

Santeria, a very special liqueur made from licorice and Myrtle leaves. Finally, Amargura, orange, cinchona and carob liqueur.

Foundation year


Hectares cultivated


Bottles produced

Up to 10000 bottles

Main raw material

Myrtle berries

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Istintosardo - Tortolì


  • Where we are: Via del Mercatino, 2, 08048 Tortolì (NU) - Sardinia
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