Iolei Winery

Iolei Winery is a family-owned business in Oliena, a small village in Barbagia at the foot of Mount Corrasi in Sardinia and home of the famous Nepente wine.

It all stems from a love of the land; the goal is to produce wines that tell the story of a unique place rich in history, tradition and culture.

Oliena, the land of vines, olive trees and honey so wrote Gabriele D'Annunzio after visiting Edoardo Scarfoglio and Cesare Pascarella in the late 1800s.

The wines of the Iolei winery, tell the story of the land, simple wines, 80% of what is produced is in steel in order not to alter the character of the grapes so as to express the varietal with minimal intervention of technology.

The idea, in addition to turning grapes into wine, is to give voice to local artists through labels, giving Iolei winery bottles a reason to be true collectibles.

Foundation year


Area planted with vines

2 hectares

Bottles produced

Up to 10,000

Main grape varieties


Iolei Winery - Oliena


  • Where we are: Oliena
  • Wines entered: 2
  • Grape varieties grown: Cannonau
  • Enologist: Antonio Puddu

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