Galavera Winery was founded in the small village of Usini located in the historical sub-region of Coros, in Logudoro in northwest Sardinia.

The winery stands on the right side of the valley "Badde Ruos" which means Valley of the Brambles just under a kilometer from the village.

From the facility's commanding position, Sassari, Tissi, and Ossi can be observed.

A mesmerizing panorama opens before the eyes, an enchantment embracing an uninhabited territory and unspoiled nature where wild vegetation with numerous olive trees and expertly cultivated vines predominates.

A place of relaxation suitable for stemming tense situations and reviving the basic emotions that the view of unspoiled nature suggests.

An easily accessible 300-square-meter location with a large terrace on the second floor designated for wine display and tasting.

A basement with 300 square meters of floor space is allowed for winemaking and aging.

The meaning of Galavera

Galavera is one of the many Sardinian words in use, almost forgotten, as in today's daily life of us Sardinians it is replaced by others drawn from the Italian vocabulary.

The owners want to remember, tell and relive one of the most meaningful activities of their ancestors, who found in the cultivation of wheat the reward for a long day that began with planting and ended with harvesting.

Great was the satisfaction of the farmer at the conclusion of the work, who, observing the bare ground, let out his happiness with the ceremonial phrase, "mi paret una GALAVERA."

The winery owners decided to adopt the phrase "GALAVERA" emulating wise ancestors in order to use it at the end of each harvest.

The territory of Usini

The territory of Usini stretches for 30 km and consists of a variety of small hills and valleys bounded by the sea and wind, which are useful for acclimatizing the vines and keeping them in excellent health against pests .

Cantina Galavera's vineyards are located in the most prestigious areas of the Usini territory, where Vermentino, Cagnulari and Cannonau find the right soil and environment for full maturation that results in excellent quality fruit.

In keeping with local tradition, Galavera Winery presents its wines, each of which meets the most exacting standards and is known throughout the world.

Quality is the single most important goal that the GALAVERA winery intends to pursue as part of a path outlined by President Antonio Merella.

To achieve this goal, many grapes are removed from the stump. This allows the remaining grapes to ripen fully and capture the maximum organoleptic components that are expressed in flavor, aroma and color.

The Usini area produces wines of unparalleled exclusivity, such as Cagnulari, a grape variety that was previously used to be blended with other weaker grapes in order to improve its structure, color and aromas.

The grape varieties: the Cagnulari

The Cagnulari cluster is compact in appearance. The berries are small, with hundreds of dots forming a body that resembles a triangle.

A masterpiece that enhances the diversity and originality of a plant whose task is to communicate a series of seductive olfactory and gustatory properties that, combined with the wealth of organoleptic substances, make this wine an increasingly indispensable companion to good nutrition.

The Cagnulari vine requires special attention in fact it is susceptible to both too harsh and too sultry weather.

Such a demanding plant could not fail to find its optimal home in the gentle hills of the Usini territory, which has always had a vocation for wine production.

Galavera's vineyards extend over the Usini area: Pirapeglias, Sa Narulas and Sa Luzzanas, occupying a total area of 9 hectares; a large open-air laboratory where a wide variety of skills are put to use.

The grape varieties: the Vermentino

Not to be forgotten is the Vermentino white wine, considered one of the most prestigious in the Usini area. In fact, the village can rightly boast of being one of its largest producers and, above all, decant its unique aroma, which distinguishes it from all other Vermentino wines in Sardinia thanks in part to the bitterish taste gives it a unique identity.

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9 hectares

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Galavera - Usini


  • Where we are: SP28, 07049 Usini (SS) - Sardinia
  • Wines entered: 5
  • Grape varieties grown: Cagnulari, Cannonau and Vermentino

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