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The Francesco Cadinu winery, was founded in 2015 in Mamoiada at the behest of Francesco and his wife Simonetta, in a land with a strong vocation for the cultivation of vines, particularly Cannonau.

Our company was established in recent times, but dedication to viticulture and the art of wine making has always been part of our family.

"Tziu Simone" learned the work of winemaking from his father-in-law, buying an old vineyard in the 1950s in "Fittiloghe" which means the place of the vines, still a legacy of our company.

To date, the vineyards owned all in the countryside of Mamoiada, extend to eight hectares subdivided eight vineyards that differ from each other in, exposure, altitude age the vineyards are in turn divided into "ghiradas" from 2019 we started to produce Acorn Elisi and Ghirada fittiloghe Wines is from the 2020 vintage the name of the old owner Ghirada Elisi sa'è Antoni , Ghirada fittiloghe sae Tundone was also added.

Ciò che rende unici i nostri vini è che selezioniamo le uve dai vigneti più antichi e facciamo fermentare naturalmente senza l'aggiunta di lieviti.

The region of Mamoiada is ideal for viticulture and has an ancient winemaking tradition: the average altitude of the vineyards is 736 meters above sea level with large temperature ranges between day and night; its soil is granitic, loose textured and slightly acidic.

There are about 300 hectares of vineyards in the Mamoiada area. The most cultivated grape is Cannonau (95 percent). Thanks to new plantings, today the native white grape variety Granazza has also been enhanced.

Foundation year


Area planted with vines

6 hectares

Bottles produced

Up to 10000 bottles

Main grape varieties


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Francesco Cadinu - Mamoiada


  • Where we are: Via V. Emanuele II, 37, 08024 Mamoiada (NU) - Sardinia
  • Wines entered: 5
  • Grape varieties grown: Cannonau, Granazza and Moscato
  • Enologist: Emiliano Falsini

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