Eural Sulcis

The Eural Sulcis winery was founded in Carbonia, in the heart of Sulcis-Iglesiente in southwestern Sardinia, a land dedicated to the cultivation of Carignano, by a group of people who are loyal and connected to our territory.

After working in industry for many years and realizing that this is not the only possible path, we invested time, passion and professionalism to promote and enhance the land where we were born and raised.

Our journey began with the creation of a few supermarkets, then we became involved in the hospitality of the tourism sector, and now we have realized our dream: to regenerate and revolutionize organic farming in Sardinia.

Sulcis is characterized by Sardinia's many small towns called "furriadroxius," built in the middle of the countryside where farmers can sleep and eat without having to travel far to return to more populated centers.

Even today these villages are inhabited by farmers who do not give up their land and origin.

The numerous occurrences of "furriadroxius" indicate that Sulcis has been since ancient times a land devoted to agriculture, characterized by very mild winters and hot summers, wide expanses of crystal white sand and plants bent by the mistral wind ("bentu estru") the prevailing winds that dominate our territory.

Because of its proximity to the sea, the wind pushes salt everywhere, which imparts a distinct flavor and aroma to any product from our region. Our company was founded in San Giovanni Surgiu in the center of Sulcis.

The estate is located a stone's throw from the sea, opposite the island of Sant'Antioco, and covers an area of about 120 hectares.

Composed of medium-textured soils with a high percentage of sand and very rich in organic matter, it has been a master of wild grazing for many years. Hence the dream of revitalizing agriculture in the region.

"Everyone knows something is impossible until someone comes along who doesn't know it and does it," said Albert Einstein. This sentence sums up our philosophy.

Recognizing the difficulties and potential critical issues, we decided to set out to revolutionize agriculture in Sulcis, using only organic approaches that result in healthy, quality products.

Because of the constant presence of wind and low rainfall, our land has a natural affinity for organic farming. The farm adheres to this strict protocol for growing natural products, employing state-of-the-art labor, management and cultivation techniques to respect the land and preserve and increase the fertility of our lands.

Carignano del Sulcis

Carignano del Sulcis is one of Sardinia's most representative red wines that finds ideal conditions to express its full potential in the South Sardinia area. Its origin is still debated today. There are those who claim that it is an indigenous grape variety of Sardinia and those, on the other hand, who believe that the grape variety was introduced to the island by the Carthaginians who, for a long time, exerted considerable influence precisely on the localities of Sulcis (Solky).

Carignano del Sulcis was finally granted Denominazione di Origine Controllata status in 1997 and can be produced in 6 different types: red, red riserva, red superiore, novello, passito and rosé.

Eural Sulcis - Carbonia


  • Where we are: Marmilla, 09013 Carbonia (SU) - Sardinia
  • Wines entered: 4
  • Grape varieties grown: Carignano

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