Carboni Winery

The Carboni Winery was founded in the 1990s in Ortueri, a small town in the center of Sardinia, in the Mandrolisai region, a story borne out of the owner's dedication, gradually growing in skill and experience, until it became a testimony and legacy for his young sons.

The philosophy that guides the winery is to reconcile the millennia-old winemaking tradition, handed down from generations, with the necessary research work and development trying to find the optimal balance between tradition and innovation to produce better and better wines, taking into account market tastes and the latest winemaking techniques, while maintaining the characteristics that distinguish a good wine.

Carboni Winery in Ortueri likes to maintain the idea that wine is a family product that unites people by a unique relationship with the land and its rhythms.

Even today, the entire family still carries out the necessary practices of care to maintain quality, which is first and foremost, a gesture of love towards nature and those who respect and indulge it with the shrewdness of human labor.

The Carboni Winery is a testimony to the history of a small community of peasants, that of the Ortuerese, the child of many other stories that are naturally intertwined and from which, beautifully, emerge the indigenous grape varieties deserving of recognition and a tutoring even greater, deserving to be recognized for their quality, production excellence and diversity.

Foundation year


Area planted with vines

10 hectares

Bottles produced

Up to 30000 bottles

Main grape varieties


Carboni Winery - Ortueri


  • Where we are: Corso Umberto, 163, 08036 Ortueri (NU) - Sardinia
  • Wines entered: 6
  • Grape varieties grown: Cannonau, Monica and Bovale, Nasco and Aleatico

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