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Giovanni Camboni Winery began its activity in 1980 in Tissi, a town located in the province of Sassari. The cellar was built under the family manor house, taking advantage of a space that once housed a long-disused tuff quarry.

The marks left on the walls by the equipment used to quarry the tuff inspired the symbol that is featured on Camboni Winery bottles today. This symbol recalls and echoes the special nature of the winery itself.

Inside the cellar, you can admire the exposed tuff walls. Over the years, these walls have fostered the growth of native yeasts and contribute to the perfect preservation and maturation of the products. The processing area, on the other hand, is equipped with modern technology.

The result of this perfect combination is a high-quality product that has won numerous major awards in recent years.

The Giovanni Camboni Winery and its vineyard are located in the town of Tissi, in the province of Sassari, in the northwest region of Sardinia. This area is particularly suitable for winemaking and is part of the "Coros" territory, a group that includes several wineries.

The main goal of Camboni Winery has always been to produce high quality and sustainable wines while preserving the family tradition. The vineyard covers land that is about 225 meters above sea level, with a slight slope. The constant presence of mistral winds further contributes to the preciousness of the production.

Giovanni Camboni Winery is committed to keeping alive a family tradition that has spanned more than three generations. Their wines come to life from Vermentino, Cannonau and Cagnulari grapes grown in selected soils characterized by a unique terroir. These high-quality wines are known for their distinctive characteristics that provide exciting experiences.

Camboni Winery's vineyards are grown on limestone/clay soils at an elevation of about 220 meters above sea level, in an area called Mount St. Andria Ruinas. These lands are also rich in archaeological finds, evidence of the constant presence of man over the centuries.

With southern exposure, the vineyards are constantly bathed in sunshine and ventilated by winds blowing in from the sea, helping to ensure excellent quality of the grapes and wines produced.

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Giovanni Camboni Winery - Tissi


  • Where we are: Via Italia - 07040 Tissi (SS) - Sardinia
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  • Grape varieties grown: Cagnulari and Vermentino

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