Mario Tirotto's "Bio Mirto" Organic Farm was established in Anglona, a historical sub-region of Sardinia, near the town of Castelsardo suggestive medieval village overlooking the sea located in the northwest of the island.

From the center of the Bio Myrtle farm, an incredible panorama can be seen, with the village of Castelsardo in the spotlight, the Gulf of Asinara in the background, bordered to the west by the famous former Island Prison with the small houses of the village of Cala D'Oliva, to the north, on the other hand, by Corsica and to the east by the rolling hills of lower Gallura, characterized by its stazzi turned into tourist centers.

In laboratory of the Biomirto Farm, thanks to the collaboration with the University of Sassari and the agency Laore Sardinia, products based on myrtle, the classic liqueur, the innovative seasonings, extra virgin olive oil, monocultivar of Bosana typical of Sardinia - produced in the company's olive grove - flavored with myrtle, a novelty much appreciated by chefs and cooking enthusiasts for seasoning food; the berries by dried myrtle, the innovative myrtle powder and its combinations with spices, salt and herbs from the Sardinia; and, the latest addition, myrtle jam.

The Biomirto company and the territory

The Biomirto Farm's young irrigated olive grove climbs the steep slopes of a steep hillside, while its myrtle grove, also irrigated, lies gently on the gentle curves of a hump-backed terrain.

The forest and the Mediterranean maquis surround the permanent crops of olive and myrtle trees; the presence of a deep canyon, carved by the watercourse that runs through it, evokes a primordial feeling; the mouth of a volcano, located at the entrance to the canyon, reminds us of the formation of the large trachyte plateau that surrounds the land company; three nuraghi watch over the entire company, one of which stands placed within the company itself.

Currently the Biomirto Farm, produces Sinuara Grande Reserve, an artisanal Sardinian myrtle liqueur.

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Biomirto - Castelsardo


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