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The Mulas winery, formerly known as Salvatore Cabras since 1992, has been passionately pursuing its mission to recover and enhance the indigenous Sardinian grape variety Arvesiniadu in the Goceano region.

Located in the municipality of Bono, among the lush hills of central-northern Sardinia, the Mulas winery's vineyards extend over two hectares in the locality of Nurcoro. In this picturesque corner of the island, Mulas cultivates the white grapes of the prized Arvesiniadu variety with dedication.

The rows of vines, planted in a medium-textured clay soil typical of the area, exclusively produce Arvesiniadu grapes, carefully recovered and propagated after years of neglect.

Cultivation techniques are conducted with full respect for the surrounding environment, using organic farming methods. The grapes are still picked by hand, ensuring a meticulous and careful selection of the best bunches.

Love for the land and artisanal dedication are the pillars on which the production philosophy of Mulas is based, a small company that has decided to bet on an ancient Sardinian vine, giving it back the place it deserves in the island's wine scene.

The Arvesiniadu grape variety and its terroir

Arvesiniadu is an ancient and rare native grape variety that grows in the Goceano region in northern Sardinia. This white grape variety has risked disappearing in recent decades. However, in the early 1990s, some far-sighted pioneers of Sardinian wine decided to revive Arvesiniadu and relaunch its cultivation.

The Goceano region, with its unique terroir, is the ideal habitat for the growth of these rare grapes with exceptional oenological potential. The rows of Arvesiniadu. Traditionally grown as a sapling, the Arvesiniadu needed a support (called 'sa raiga'), since its shoots, although very vigorous in their annual growth, were extremely slender and delicate.

Initially, the wine produced by Arvesiniadu was used to complement blends of white and red wines, without any real enhancement of its unique qualities. Thanks to modern experimentation with low espaliers and pure vinification, today Arvesiniadu is able to express all its extraordinary aromatic and taste potential.

Experts from important institutions such as the Interprovincial Fruit Growing Consortium of Cagliari and the University of Sassari collaborated in this rebirth.

Rediscovering Arvesiniadu means giving new life to a piece of Sardinia's oenological history, saving from extinction a grape variety that perfectly embodies the bond with this ancient land.

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