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What are the most widely grown grape varieties in Sardinia?

What are the most widely grown grape varieties in Sardinia?

In Sardinia, 27,180 hectares are cultivated, with Cannonau being the most cultivated vine with 7,385 hectares, including nearly 5,000 in the historical province of Nuoro (Nuoro – Ogliastra).

Next we find Vermentino with (4,850 hectares) present throughout the island but cultivated mainly in the historic province of Sassari.

The two grape varieties are also among the best known outside the island is cos they constitute the ampelographic basis of the three main Denominations: Vermentino for the DOCGVermentino di Gallura” and the DOC “Vermentino di Sardegna“; Cannonau for the DOCCannonau di Sardegna.”

They are followed by Monica with 2,303 hectares, Carignano with 1,978 and Nuragus with 1,857 each of which is often linked to a Denomination (Carignano to the “Carignano del Sulcis” DOC, Nuragus to the “Nuragus di Cagliari” DOC etc).

In native grape varieties , the most common international black grape variety on our island is Cabernet Sauvignon (374 hectares), followed by Merlot (266 hectares).

A share of the vineyard area is planted with native grape varieties such as Cagnulari, Semidano, Vernaccia, Nieddera, and Barbera sarda.

Graph Vineyard area in Sardinia
Source: elaborations Agenzia Laore Sardegna on national vineyard cadastre data.

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